When you are expecting a new little one, the to-dos can get pretty long.  Sometimes belly pictures make it on the list – sometimes not.  But once that baby is here the the memories of carrying that little one as he grew will start to fade.  Taking maternity photos is a way of freezing those wonderful memories. It also give you child a glimpse into how excited you were to meet her.



So here are some practical tips to make it as easy as possible:

1.  Wear simple clothes that keep the focus on your beautiful belly.  While it may not be something that you would wear out, when you take belly shots you want something very simple and form fitting.

2.  Use a tripod (or something stable like a step ladder) in a location that has a very simple, uncluttered background.  I love doing outdoor shots as they have amazing light – just remember to stand completely in the shade.



3.  Enlist a helper – whether an older child or your husband, you need someone to help focus the picture.  For these pictures I used the timer and took 10 pictures at a time, but, I asked my nephew to focus it for me,  it made it much easier.

4.  Smile, relax and most importantly stand up straight.  When we slouch it tends to make us look frumpy and our belly blends in with everything else.  So elongate that spine and throw your shoulders back:)



5. Take a lot of pictures – I have to admit I hit the shutter 18 times to get these pictures.  So if you do the math you’ll know that I ended up with 180 pictures!  My secret?  Download and delete right away.  Keep only the pictures you can’t live without and then half that amount.  From the thirty minutes and 180 pictures I ended up with 7 pictures – but I LOVE every single one.

I won’t lie to you… it is extra work and nearly every time I take belly pictures I want to put it off, but…



When I think about my little one seeing this picture when they are older and being able to tell how excited I was to meet them… it makes it all worth it!

Have questions?  Ask me in the comments below and I’d love to help you:)

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