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What have we got for you? A guide that will rock your pregnancy—way beyond the swing of mama’s rocking chair. Our program is called Blooming Together. It includes four CDs (or audio files) and a beautifully crafted hardcover book filled with juicy weekly audio meditations with descriptions of your baby developmental stages, affirmations and suggestions specially designed for each week of your pregnancy.  Sounds awesome, yah?

How does it work

Simple. You lay down on your couch or bed, wherever you feel more comfortable, play the Blooming Together CD or audio file for your week of pregnancy and relax while you learn about your baby’s growth. You can start slowly, maybe with five minutes of daily meditation and go on to much more. Or you might want to jump right in with all the activities.

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How was Blooming Together conceived

This guide was born during our own pregnancies, out of our need for real tools to recharge from exhaustion, prepare for a safe natural birth and make a nice, healthy transition from a non parenting life to motherhood.

We know what it’s like to have morning sickness and hormonal mood swings, to be an active professional woman and have to slow down our busy rhythm because of the fatigue and need of extra rest. We have experienced for ourselves the challenging moments of being pregnant and becoming a mother.

It was in the midst of this intense process that we (Aerin and Rakel) got together to combine in one program our knowledge and skills as healer, journalist and physiotherapist with our experience as mothers, our studies in neuroscience research and our passion for helping other women attain well-being.

We started to use the techniques shared in this guide with the simple wish of having a healthy and happy pregnancy, but what it ended up meaning for us, for our offspring and for our families went well beyond what we’d imagined. What do we mean? Read attentively: Research in neuroscience has proven that from the moment of conception, a child’s brain is shaped by its environment; this includes the mother’s diet, thoughts, emotions and behavior. These factors have an impact on the child even decades after birth.

So yes, every one of these techniques will support you in creating the best environment possible for your baby to grow healthy and happy. Our program gently and efficiently helps you track and let go of your physical tensions, emotional blocks and mental worries so you can access that sweet spot of inner calm inside of you quite easily, and your growing baby can receive the best of this. This is also a great preparation for the special moment of birth… and motherhood.

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So… c’mon,  join our budding revolution. You may be surprised by how easily and joyfully you blossom. Your hormones and powers of creativity are there to help you.  There are no limits. You may flourish emotionally, mentally and physically, and your spirit may soar. And, of course, you bloom together with your little one—that’s the sweetest and most amazing part of all!

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The goods

With Blooming Together you will receive  four CDs and a beautiful hardcover book. They include: 

Thirty five audio meditations specially designed for each week of your pregnancy

Three relaxation tracks, one for each trimester, to help you release tension and sleep better

Empowering affirmations to activate good juicy chemicals, which reach your baby through your placenta

Guided visualizations to help set the mood for a tension free early labor, an energetic active labor and a splendid  birth

Birth Plan to help you prepare and visualize the birth-day.

Guidelines for restoring your body after the birth

Preparation and affirmations for comfortable breastfeeding

List of the 25 items you should have at home to welcome your baby

Guided relaxations and guidelines for your birth partner

Remember this is RISK FREE! 30 day- 100% Money-Back Guarantee

That means that if for any reason you don’t find that Blooming Together fits your expectations, you can return it during the first 30 days of your purchase and have 100% money back guaranteed! Thats awesome right? So go for it right now…nothing to loose and a lot of peace and health to gain.

What can we do for you?

Our Mission

At Blooming Together our goal is to support you to make a smooth joyful and healthy transition into motherhood. Our program helps you to overcome exhaustion, physical and emotional stress and fears, nurture yourself and enhance your connection with your baby in the womb. We share with you tools that include:

  • The newest information on pregnancy and childhood development from respected scientific sources.
  • Techniques that connect you to your own intuition and heart enhancing your physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  • A worldwide community where you can share with other pregnant women your experiences and knowledge in a safe-supporting environment.
The Blooming Together Philosophy
At Blooming Together we know that no matter what your physical, emotional, economical or social situation is, pregnancy can be an enlightening, transformational path of growth. Motherhood can become a real blooming revolution for you, your baby and the world!

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Our Blooming Tools

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Blooming Together offers you a set of 40 audio visualizations specially designed for each week of your pregnancy. Through them you enjoy the benefits of relaxation while you learn about the parts of your baby developing each week. Our visualizations are short, easy to follow and effective. They will tune you in to your natural maternal calm and wisdom and nurture you for the best development and well-being of your child.

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Thoughts create emotions. During pregnancy emotions translate into chemicals that pass through the placenta and into the developing baby. This is why we have included positive affirmations for you to repeat at the end of each weekly visualization. They will enhance your good mood and increase your confidence.

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Pregnancy is a time to slow down your inner rhythm so your baby’s brain develops with good levels of serotonin, the “happy-calming” hormone that is only produced when you are relaxed. Each of the 4 CDs include simple relaxation techniques relating to each trimester. They will make you aware of your body’s tensions and guide you to gently release them.

Special Activities

Did we mention we had included some crispy suggestions each week on how to give yourself a treat? We did! Treats range from laughter to massages, exercises to reduce your fears and suggested questions to ask your health care provider. The goal is to support you in creating an atmosphere of balance and joy through your whole pregnancy.

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