Negative thoughts can turn any experience into a nightmare.

I consider myself quite an optimistic person. During pregnancy however, I had some stormy periods of intense negative thoughts, mainly fearful thoughts about what could go wrong with my baby, especially during birth. My imagination went often for the worst scenarios concerning my little Lucia’s health…what if she is born with less than ten fingers? What if she doesn’t even make it through birth? And what if I don’t know how to take care of her? What if…what if… what if…?

Searching ways out of my nightmare during those freaking moments I learned I wasn’t the only one on a negative roller-coaster thought ride. According scientists the average human being has about 60.000 thoughts a day, and around 80% of these thoughts are negative. Wow. And we are such a habit creatures that we repeat in our mind daily around 95% of our thoughts. So imagine those negative thoughts repeating themselves like a record player again and again in our mind. Crazy right?

It can get really scary when we know the impact that our thoughts have on our emotions and on our baby’s development.

Negative thoughts are particularly draining. Thoughts containing words like “never,”  “can’t,” and “should”, whining, complaints, or thoughts that diminish our own or another’s sense of self-worth (including our baby’s) deplete the body by producing chemicals that weaken our physiology. Another reason we’re exhausted at the end of the day!

Can we stop the record player?

Yes! Fortunately we can reduce the volume of any thought. During my pregnancy I did extensive research on how to handle negative thoughts and found three fantastic ways that worked great for me, and can do the same for you. It’s just about trusting and giving it a try.

The first technique that we are sharing in this post is simple: throwing your negative thoughts into the trash…Yes, literally! During my pregnancy each time I caught myself having a negative thought I wrote it down and then threw the paper into the trash. As silly and simple as it may seem, this strategy has proven to be effective not only for me, but also for researchers of the Ohio State University and the Universidad Autonoma of Madrid.

In recent studies they found that when people wrote down their thoughts on a piece of paper and then threw the paper away, they mentally discarded the thoughts as well.

On the other hand, people were more likely to keep thinking and using the same thoughts if they first wrote them down on a piece of paper and tucked the paper in a pocket to protect it.

The conclusion of the study was: “However you tag your thoughts—as trash or as worthy of protection—seems to make a difference in how you use those thoughts after.” A final study of both universities revealed that these effects were stronger when the action of throwing the paper into the trash or keeping it in the pocket was performed physically rather than merely imagined.

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Using Your Trash 

So c’mon, put those negative thoughts into the trash!  After finishing reading this post, you can start by looking for a piece of paper and writing your negative thoughts down. When doing so, take a moment to breath and intend the release of those thoughts when exhaling. Share with us down here in the comments area what happened. We are really curious to know if this technique works for you as well!

Freeing yourself of negative thoughts could be easier than you think.

Meditation is another great way of turning the volume down on the negative thoughts. In our Pregnancy Program Blooming Together we are sharing with you very precise meditations techniques that will help you on this.  The real trick is to find what works the best for you.

Completely related with this first exercise is the second important hyper-effective tool Aerin and I used during our pregnancies: positive affirmations.

In our next blog we will be sharing with you some of our best affirmations for pregnancy (tested by us with excellent results) and we will be giving you the step by step technique to tailor your own very effective affirmations. To get these next goodies directly in your inbox, enter your email below.

Wishing you a healthy happy month for you and your baby!



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