Hi sweet mamas,

I hope you’re doing awesome! …and thinking awesome thoughts!

This week I want to share with you the affirmation technique that made wonders for Aerin and me during our pregnancies. What kind of wonders? Well, the big was-this-a- miracle kind. During the first trimester of my pregnancy, one afternoon I felt a strong pain in the uterus. I panicked and went to the doctor. I was diagnosed with a fibroid (a non-cancerous tumor in the uterus) it was quite painful and the doctor said it would not only keep growing, but that I would have to stay in bed most of my pregnancy to avoid stronger pains; and of course he warned me: I wouldn’t have a natural birth.

I was devastated. I started to look for new ways to heal but it was hard to change my negative thoughts and fears about my pregnancy and the outcome with this new situation.

That afternoon, seeking some comfort, I went to visit my friend Aerin that had been pregnant not long ago. At her house I saw a list of affirmations on the bathroom wall. I read every sentence. They were all related to pregnancy and all positive. There were about 20 of them. I went through the list and at the end of my reading I felt something had change in my breath. My stomach was much more relaxed. I felt calmer. These new positive thoughts had produced a shift in me.

I noticed how replacing my negative thoughts for positive ones for a few minutes had  powerful results. So I decided to make my own affirmations and read them every day. Little by little affirmations ended up playing a very important part in the way I experienced pregnancy: I didn’t feel any pain at all, I went hiking up until the day I gave birth, I swam, I danced… and I ended up having a beautiful natural birth. Of course I combined affirmations with a few other important tools that we are sharing in our pregnancy program Blooming Together. But affirmations were a key element in my healing process and still are very important in my life as a mother.

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How do affirmations work?

During my pregnancy I learnt more than ever  about the  powerful tools that thoughts are. We can learn to use them to enhance our wellbeing…or they can become our biggest tyrant. The good news is that the choice is in our hands and we have the last word, because after all they are created by our mind, right?

The affirmations that I started practicing during my pregnancy and that I’m about to share with you, are phrases I repeated to uplift my mood. They are simple door openers. They work as a seed that we plant in our mind. And even though at the beginning we sometimes don’t quite believe they will work, those affirmations start to grow in different ways, showing us a whole new view of the same scene, a scene that we were maybe perceiving negatively.
Because thoughts create emotions, affirmations are a great way to retrain our thoughts into new patterns, to see some real changes in our emotional life. This is particularly important during pregnancy because emotions translate into chemicals that pass through the placenta and into the developing baby.

Do affirmations always work?

I do have friends for whom affirmations didn’t work at the beginning simply because they felt like they were faking them when repeating them. It didn’t sound real for them. In cases like that I suggest a simple method: create your own affirmations. Here’s how to do it.

First I suggest you gently put yourself in a nice inner place, because when you are feeling fear, sadness, anger or any other strong negative emotion, you will hardly be able to create positive affirmations.  So do this:

♥ Look at what your fear is and then what negative thought is related to your fear. For example: “I have a fibroid, my baby will have health problems because of that. I’m not healthy. My baby’s at risk”. That was my basic fear.

♥ After stating it you take a moment to embrace it, to acknowledge it. You can even state: “I’m scared”. It sounds like the opposite of a positive affirmation but this acknowledgement will propel you far.

♥ Then VERY IMPORTANT, look and check what it is that you really want: “I want health”.

And instead of just saying “I want health” you open yourself stating:  “I allow myself to be healthy” or “I choose health”. (other ways of starting your affirmations could be: I can / I enjoy / I choose / I love / I create / I am / I have / I claim / I empower myself)

♥ At this point you are in a better mood, so you can go a bit further “My body has all it needs to heal itself”. And there you have your affirmation!

Can you see the difference in between “I want to be healthy” and ”I choose to be healthy”? In the first phrase you are coming from a feeling of neediness, in the second phrase you are coming from a position of empowerment. You are empowering yourself.

This process will put you in another more open mood.

Once you are more in alignment with what it is that you want (in opposition to just being in alignment with what you don’t want) you can jump into the fun experience of making a list of affirmations. Of course, you can jump-in immediately to the affirmation process if it works for you.

Here are some important tips to write the best affirmations ever ; )

  • Take a pause and breathe in and out consciously a few times. This will help you ground.
  • Ask the creative energy of the universe to help you find the right words, the words you need at that moment.
  • It’s better if you make affirmations in the present tense, as if you were already experiencing what you want to experience. For example: Instead of: “My body will be healthy and strong”, say “My body IS healthy and strong” or instead of saying “I will have everything I need to be a good mother” say “I HAVE everything I need to be a good mother”.
  • Always make positive affirmations. Instead of “I’m no longer sick” say “I’m healthy, my body is vibrant and strong”… can you feel the difference?
  • Make short affirmations so you don’t get lost along the way when you are repeating them.
  • Put them on the wall in different rooms of your house so you have them available.
  • Again, don’t worry if at the beginning you don’t believe in them, just saying them implies that you are opening a door for change. You are saying to yourself: I am taking responsibility for my thoughts and choosing what I want to create

To get our list of affirmations click here. Get inspired and make your own, following the method above.

Share your creations with us in the comments below, so other mothers can benefit from them too!

Yes, that’s another way of blooming together ; )

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Feel good! Not only is it much more fun, but your baby will receive great benefits from it too.

Wishing you health and joy,