Dear Moms-to-Be,

I had my first baby six years ago, and at that time, believe it or not, there were very few blog posts on pregnancy and labor. I wanted to get in touch with other mothers and hear their birth experiences. I wanted to find tools to prepare me for labor. I wanted to listen to other women and ask them: Did visualization really work for you?

Today, we are opening the floor for all mothers to share their experience here. Knowing that sharing can be precious. When you write your story you go through the process of harvesting your best memories  to fix them somewhere in your brain and heart in a very special way. You have an opportunity to see what worked for you, what suggestion you can share AND the best of all, the opportunity to  inspire  other women. We deeply appreciate it and we are looking forward to reading your stories.

Vanesa & Camila

We want to introduce you first to Vanesa Saul, from Argentina. Vanesa sent us her story, sweet and touching.

She was looking forward to having a second child, and this time, she wanted to connect to her/him from the very start. So she got the Blooming Together program before becoming pregnant. She started reading the book, and only a few days later, learned she was pregnant. The program accompanied her all along her pregnancy to birth. Today she’s happy to share her experience with you:

“My baby, Camilla, is already a month old! My husband and I are very happy. She is a beautiful baby girl. Since the moment I gave birth, I have been wanting to write to you at Blooming, but I have had my hands full! But now, I take this moment when everyone is asleep at home to tell you all how it was!

I had the wonderful birth that I wanted, and all the physical, mental and emotional preparation made ​​it possible.

I thank Blooming Together for the meditations, affirmations and suggestions, which accompanied me from the early days and helped me to connect with my baby, with its growth and the entire course of pregnancy through to labor.

I was at home when my contractions started after midnight, which was great because of the stillness of the night. I was lying down reading, breathing, listening to music, until 5 a.m., when it became more intense and I could not tolerate the pain laying down.

At that point I went to the living room of the house with the big “physio” ball, and spent about three hours moving lightly over the ball, light to medium, with the accompanying full moon through the window. I followed the pictures you show in the book.

In the morning, my midwife came and suggested that I get into the bathtub, which I did. And in a little while I quickly (faster than I expected) felt the urge to push and intense contractions followed.

I don’t know how, but we walked to the clinic (I live a block away from it). It was very cold outside, as it was wintertime, and I think that helped space out the waves of the contractions.

We arrived at the clinic and went into the delivery room, and I did my best to wait for the arrival of my husband who was delayed because he needed to get someone to care for my other son.

I kept calm, and had a serenity and confidence that all would be alright. When my husband arrived, I pushed and Cami was born. I could see and feel her little head coming out, sense the moment she turned her shoulders, the moment her shoulders came out, and clearly felt all her little body… amazing, very exciting!

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 4.53.01 PM

As I did my birth plan, following your instructions, I had chosen an obstetrician who does humanized birth with no anesthesia, no episiotomy. I was lucky to have no tearing. I had very good recovery, and very little pain and discomfort postpartum.

My new baby is SO lovely. She eats, sleeps like an angel and, I cross my fingers, she cries very little so far. It is a truly pleasure.

And, of course, I am happily tired, taking care of my older son as well. I am slowly adapting, along with the whole family, to the new baby.

Thank you again for the CD visualizations; they did make a difference in my pregnancy and birth!”



Camila and Vanesa

We are moved by this lovely story. A smooth birth, a healthy-gorgeous baby and a generous mom that is willing to share her experience. Thank you Vanesa.


How about you…do you want to share your birth experience with us? You can include any suggestion or tool that may help other mothers-to-be to get to that crispy point of readiness for birth. That point where you are clear and at peace with the birth you want have and at the same time you are open for the adventure that the Universe is holding for you. Send your stories at:

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