You’ve probably already heard about it. There is a huge blooming revolution taking place right now around the world. A revolution that is awakening the natural powers women have inside, our inner mama wisdom powers. It’s a movement that compels us to consciously listen to our body and heart and decide from there. Transmuting fear into enthusiasm, creativity, inspiration and LOVE. Yes! lots of LOVE!  9 months are enough to create a life, and more than enough to ignite a revolution from within.

Generous, clever, creative, intuitive, mothers to be are in it! But also doulas, obstetricians and gynaecologists, midwives, therapists, nutritionists, yoga teachers, birth support groups…they are all rocking it out!  Some are quite well known as Dr. Christian Northrup, Latham Thomas, Dr. Richard Ash, Giuditta Tornetta, Dr. Dan Siegel, Mary Jackson and many more ; Others are working discretely in the field helping women to bloom one belly at a time. They are all the leaders of this revolution that will end up changing the world we live in, since we are the ones making the humans of the future. Do you get the proportions? …..Epic!

The latest researches in neuroscience explain better than ever before the impact that WE mothers have on our baby’s development in the womb. What we eat and drink and think and feel can make a big difference in our cuties lives. This scientific knowledge has been combined with ancient traditions such as yoga, meditation, visualizations and great awareness on nutrition to help us move into a new paradigm of what it means to have a healthy pregnancy. This new paradigm is all about empowering women, specially in those most important 9 months of her life.

At the heart of this revolution there is a simple call: Mothers… be gentle with yourselves! Yes, it is time to awaken your blooming powers, and use them creatively to gleam! And to really shine the light has to come from within. Health, beauty, joy and prosperity (yours and your baby’s) are all by-products of that inner gleam!

Eating healthy and regularly, thinking nice uplifting thoughts that help you release serotonin (happy hormone), walks in nature, dancing, swimming! All are blooming power triggers. One of our favourite ones is that moment of silence that you take for yourself to meditate and consciously breathe.

Yes, we know…they are not all easy to apply. Especially when you have morning sickness and feel the hormonal mood changes of pregnancy. But doing it together is easier…and much more fun!

That’s why Aerin and I felt inspired to create our Blooming Together pregnancy guide, to join and boost the pregnancy revolution unfolding in so many lives right now…We experienced the revolution in our own pregnancies and it was such an amazing and transforming experience, that we couldn’t help but join the wave! So we created this tool to help you activate some of those super mama powers embedded in your body and consciousness, so you can use them to bloom and thrive with your baby during your pregnancy and beyond.

Our 4 audio CDs and the hardcover book with visualizations specially designed for each week of your pregnancy will make a difference in the way you experience pregnancy and mother hood. Because once you set up the pattern to allow joy and health and prosperity into your life, there is no limit to what you can create.

C’mon! Join us in this movement, turning your pregnancy, your life into a succession of exquisite moments, an opportunity to grow, to change and expand!

Its all about becoming the change in your daily life. Overcoming exhaustion and fears. Becoming the gently force that takes care of yourself. So let us know in the comments below, what precise gestures you enjoy doing to be gentle with yourself during pregnancy! They can inspire many mothers to-be around the world. We will choose two of the comments and send their authors a free digital copy of Blooming Together! Jump in and join us,  its quite fun sharing in this blooming belly revolution!

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