We are so happy to announce our upcoming workshop at University Rimay – Karma Ling Institute in France! We will be sharing with the Sanga Rimay Tibetan community.

Blooming Together into Motherhood 

A Workshop for a Conscious & Healthy Pregnancy & Birth

June 28-29 2014  /  September 20-21  / Cost: 120 €  2 days 

Motherhood is the greatest life changing experience that we woman can have. It not only changes our mind body and emotions in different ways but it opens us to true unconditional love. The transition into motherhood that takes place during pregnancy and birth can also trigger many overwhelming feelings that are not always easy to navigate. Morning sickness, hormonal mood changes, and many kinds of fears show up in our daily life making the transition from a life without children to motherhood, a bit stressing.

For Aerin and I, this transition has been a great opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our -sometimes hidden- woman resources. Combining ancient techniques with new neuroscience researches we have tapped into some precious inner tools that allowed us to have wonderful pregnancies and splendid natural births. After haven written an audio pregnancy guide gathering some of these tools, we now want to share many others at our workshop at Karma Ling.

During this seminar mothers to-be will learn:

  • How to release  physical and emotional tensions to prepare for birth.
  • How to address and release the most common pregnancy fears.
  • Precise techniques to navigate  mood changes.
  • How to sleep and re-charge better even when having little time (key specially for when your baby is born)

We will also be sharing useful information on the impact that mother’s behaviour has on the baby during pregnancy and what the latest neuroscience research says.

And our special, the Cleansing Breath as well as our Detox breaths for different organs in the body: Liver and Gallbladder; pancreas and spleen, heart, lungs and mostly kidneys. They all help your body to produce more serotonin the happy hormone that will immensely benefit you and your baby.

It’s a privilege to be guiding this workshop in this wonderful spot in the Avalon Valley surrounded by an outstanding natural setting and hosted by this cheerful community of lamas that will be sharing some of their meditation knowledge.

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The workshop will be hold mainly in French. English translation can be provided.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take to a whole new level your motherhood experience.

For more details on the seminar you can write to info@bloomingtogether.com

And if you can’t join us at Karma Ling, we suggest you get our pregnancy guide Blooming Together. Meditations and exercises for each week of your pregnancy. Your baby will benefit so much from it!