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Improve Your Breathing For a Smooth Birth

Did you know that we breathe more than 20,000 times every day?  If only  1 per cent of those breaths could be a series of good deep breaths, we would be astonished on the results. Yes! Deep breathing triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the “rest and relax” state. When the body is in this state  our intestinal and glandular activity increases, the heart rate slows down and the sphincter muscles relax. All of these support the body’s ability to give birth easier. So may I ask you, how is your breathing doing right now? Check with yourself. Is it deep […]

Are you feeling heavy? Acupressure can be the solution.

Hello lovely moms to-be, This week we are sharing with you an acupressure technique that will help you ease the common feeling of heaviness that comes from water retention in pregnancy.  For some of us,  like Lisa below, the heaviness starts at around the 20th week of pregnancy. Are you in Lisa’s situation? “I’m at around 22 week pregnant and my bump feels so heavy. I shouldn’t complain as the worst has still to come. The thing is that it’s really weighing me down and I am  feeling uncomfortable all the time as if I’m carrying a sack of spuds on […]

How Acupressure helps with Morning Sickness

Exclusive from Dr. Miles Reid to Blooming Together TV Does acupressure really work to ease morning sickness?  This technique seems so simple and gentle that it made us doubt of its efficacy. We have interviewed Dr. Miles Reid, from Tilo Medical Acupuncture Los Angeles, California. He is the medical advisor of our Pregnancy Program Blooming Together. Dr. Reid has shared with us in the video below  how to use acupressure to cope with nausea.  Will this help, Dr. Reid? This is a question many mothers-to-be often ask me. My answer is: […]

6 Natural Ways to Cope with Morning Sickness.

Nausea, heartburn, dizziness, I was very affected by morning sickness during my pregnancy. At the beginning I panicked thinking the first three months would be a nightmare, but then I found these tools and tips that really made a difference. It allowed me to go through the first trimester with a  light mood; yes, because even if it’s a natural hormonal reaction of the body to help your baby develop, morning sickness can  be upsetting. But don’t let it bother you. Try these tips and feel witch one works the best for you.