Hello lovely moms to-be,

This week we are sharing with you an acupressure technique that will help you ease the common feeling of heaviness that comes from water retention in pregnancy.  For some of us,  like Lisa below, the heaviness starts at around the 20th week of pregnancy. Are you in Lisa’s situation?

“I’m at around 22 week pregnant and my bump feels so heavy. I shouldn’t complain as the worst has still to come. The thing is that it’s really weighing me down and I am  feeling uncomfortable all the time as if I’m carrying a sack of spuds on my tummy. Do you guys have any technique to reduce this sensation? I would appreciate it. Thanks, Lisa”

I (Rakel), used acupressure while pregnant with Lucia. She wasn’t a particular heavy baby but still acupressure was very useful especially in the third trimester, when I did get really heavy.

Fortunately Dr. Miles Reid, our Blooming Together Medical Advisor was there to help me. And on this occasion Aerin grabbed her camera and asked him to share with  YOU the main acupressure technique to reduce the sensation of heaviness. So here it goes Lisa and all of you sweet mamas. Do let us know how this works for you.


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