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Does acupressure really work to ease morning sickness?  This technique seems so simple and gentle that it made us doubt of its efficacy. We have interviewed Dr. Miles Reid, from Tilo Medical Acupuncture Los Angeles, California. He is the medical advisor of our Pregnancy Program Blooming Together.

Dr. Reid has shared with us in the video below  how to use acupressure to cope with nausea.

 Will this help, Dr. Reid?

This is a question many mothers-to-be often ask me. My answer is: “yes, it does work”. As a western medical doctor we have very few ways to cope with morning sickness. But in my experience as a Chinese medicine doctor we have this wonderful traditional point used to down-regulate nausea. Its efficacy has been tried, researched, and confirmed clinically and it even holds up when tested through modern scientific research studies. It is most effective when stimulated with acupuncture but with acupressure it will also bring benefit. Don’t forget that for a pregnant woman in her first trimester, nausea can be a real cause of suffering in the midst of an otherwise incredible joyful time. Even a little relief is most welcomed.

How long I have to hold it?

The best is to press as deep as you can into the canal between both tendons, either in a circular fashion or holding down the pressure for 2 to 5 minutes, depending on response. You might feel a calming of the nausea right away or it might kick in a couple of minutes after you stop the stimulation

 How many times a day should I do it?

It can be done several times a day, or during the morning hours if that is when the nausea is felt the most. Explore what is best for you, and know that it is safe to stimulate this point. You can also try using wristbands that already have a round spot built into them right at the area to be stimulated. You can wear them ongoing and press into them to stimulate deeper from time to time. They are easy to find online.

Thanks Dr. Reid!

Watch Dr. Reid’s Video on How to Practice Acupressure to Ease Morning Sickness

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