How are you feeling sweet mama? I see you healthy and radiant!

So, so so… Is meditating during pregnancy good?  The answer is no. Meditating during pregnancy is not good, it’s just FANTASTIC!

It’s an impressive tool that has big positive impact during those tricky moments when scary thoughts come to your mind about the baby, or the birth, or about you as a mother…Or those moments when your body is tense, itching, expanding, swollen. Or when you just cry about any comment because of the hormonal party taking place in your body. Yes. I know those moments well. I experienced every one of them during my pregnancy.

Meditation is a efficient approach to help you navigate those moments, and much more.

Thousands of studies have proven that meditation:

♥ Reduces anxiety

♥ Improves sleep

♥ Reduces tension in the back and shoulders

♥ Helps you relax and focus during labor

♥ Gives a boost to the immunity system

♥ Increases fertility

♥ Lowers blood pressure

♥ Reduces inflammation in the body through the reduction of stress

♥ Creates emotional calm

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I personally have been practicing and teaching meditation for 21 years. And I recommend it during pregnancy more than any other period in life. Besides all the benefits that I have received from it physically, the biggest one has been to be able to reach out to some inner calm when I most needed it. Those moments in life where things don’t evolve as we expect. Like when my doctor told me I had a fibroid and would have a painful pregnancy and a non natural birth! Well, meditation really made a difference then helping me find peace and release physical and emotional tensions. And has been doing so over and over again.

How does meditation make a difference? It’s quite simple: it brings you to the present moment. Usually our fears are about the future, about what can eventually happen “if”… and our regrets, frustrations, anger or sadness are linked to the past. Since meditation brings you to the present it gives you the power to contemplate the truth of the moment; the fact that most of the torturing thoughts that you are repeating to yourself are just in your head. And managing to calm them down for some minutes and be completely present does produce a shift in your pattern of thoughts. And then in the chemistry of your body.

Meditation has also helped me connect with a more subtle part of existence. To trust something bigger than me, a creative energy that, in a way, I am part of. With meditation I have understood that I am not alone in my creation. And that is a big relief since I always saw myself like some kind of a wonder woman having to solve everything alone.

I do have to be sincere… My meditation practice has been a roller coaster ride for my mind. Most of the time during my silence moment my mind can get really crazy with my to-do list popping up every 10 seconds, and all those non-invited thoughts hanging around on stage. But it’s a gap to pass and with repetition you start having those days of delicious calm. And I must say, whether I have a good meditation or a monkey-mind one, I perceive the difference afterwards when I engage in my daily life: I feel more peaceful and I am much more gentle with myself. It seems like the physical and emotional tensions smooth down.

How to meditate

The ideal situation is to create a sweet spot for silence where you sit to meditate. Make it cozy and appealing. It’s your space to get really good at being gentle with yourself. By turning down the volume of your tormenting thoughts, of the drama, you will start to love yourself more. And your internal chemistry will change and join the “wellness” cause.

There are many kinds of meditations. I have been practicing a Raja Yoga meditation for a long time. This meditation takes into account that it’s almost impossible to keep the mind blank for more than a couple of seconds. So to sooth the mind and help it hook onto a specific thought, it includes mantras, that is words (you know like the famous “OMMMM”) that you repeat combining them with the rhythm of your breath to calm the mind.

We want the mantra to be subtle and lovely in order to elevate ourselves. Everything that we repeat in our mind with deep breathing and intention creates a pattern of thought. So why not create a pattern that increases your wellbeing?

A gift for you

We are including in this blog post a link to a short 5 minute meditation. It’s a good introduction if you have never practiced meditation before. We created this meditation with the very specific intention of bringing the health and the calm that we need to have a nourishing pregnancy and a splendid birth.

Download it for free here. Practice it now and see how it works for you. You can prepare your sweet spot if you haven’t done so yet, so you can practice it daily. It’s also a great preparation for releasing tensions during birth.

There is so much more that I could tell you about meditation and its benefits, but for me it’s all about practice. So I strongly suggest you get into it as soon as you can. Just remember not to  make meditation part of your to-do list and stress about doing it, just enjoy it in a very light way.

For more specific meditations for labor and delivery check our “Blooming Together” pregnancy program, you will find more than 35 juicy tracks to alternate every week. The meditations we created will guide you to enter a meditative state, and at the same time you’ll learn about your baby’s growth on a weekly basis. Awesome right? We did it with much love!

Oh, yeah, and please do let us know how it goes for you in the comments below.  It’s all about increasing our capacity to relax and feel good. That’s the key to a healthy pregnancy.  Start practicing now. The more you practice the better it gets!