Being pregnant is wonderful, but haven’t you woken up mornings and felt awful, suffering from nausea…feeling sick and really not in shape?

When I had morning sickness, after a few days of it I felt really exhausted and drained.I knew that about 60 to 80% of pregnant woman experience morning sickness in the first trimester…and I wasn’t so happy to find out that I was one of them!

I didn’t know how to manage morning sickness or what to do about this continuous discomfort, but after a lot of searching I discovered these 6 actions that really made a big difference for me, and I would like to share them with you.

But what  is morning sickness? Well actually it cannot be pinpointed to one cause, it’s a combination of the many physical changes taking place in our body at the onset of pregnancy. One of the factors is the increase of progesterone levels in our body that happens in the first three months of pregnancy and makes us very sensitive to tastes and smells and food.

So let me introduce you to the 6 actions that I adopted that worked really well to calm my morning sickness, when I was pregnant with my daughter Lucía. And remember, not all morning sickness remedies will work for you, but they can be very helpful when they do.

So these are the actions that helped me get through my difficult morning-sickness days.

  1.  Action number one, enter into “Snack Mode”. Yes, instead of a few big meals, I took many little snacks. This helped me a lot, eating 5 to 6 small meals during the day, kept away those acids that appear in an empty stomach and trigger the nausea. So enter into snack mode, eat often and modestly, and avoid big heavy meals.
  2.  Action number two I call it “Ginger Tea” and…yes! it’s simply to drink natural fresh ginger tea! Ginger tea is quite delicious and stimulating, and really helped me with my nausea. Just make sure that if you are drinking ginger tea from a tea-bag, it doesn’t contain any other herbs that could produce the opposite effect. So, action number two, natural fresh ginger tea at regular intervals during the day.
  3. Action number three is very simple but will help you a lot and is very effective, I call it simply “Fresh Lemon”: All you have to do is cut a lemon in half and smell it. Yes, that’s all it takes, it’s that simple. So make sure to get some fresh lemons from your grocery store or supermarket and have them handy. You will be grateful for the simple quick relief they give you.
  4. Action number four I call the “Night-Cap Snack”. And that is eating a high protein snack before bedtime. What it does is that it balances the blood sugar levels so you will most likely have less nausea next morning when you wake up. In fact when I was pregnant, I even ate protein in the morning to prepare for the day. I used to place a snack on my bedside table and eat it first thing after waking up, even before my breakfast. So have a “night-cap snack” just before bedtime and if you want to, even a morning one…it will help lots.
  5. Action number five, “Avoid Nausea Triggers”. Now this is quite important. It develops your self-awareness. Smelling strong perfume, being in a crowded room with not enough air, or smelling any kind of aromatherapy or incense can trigger nausea. Observe and see also what food and smell triggers your morning sickness and avoid them as much as you can. So, action number 5 Avoid anything that Triggers your Nausea.
  6. Action number six. This is the one that really made a big difference for me. I call it “Deep Breaths” and I want to share this in detail so you don’t miss anything, and can get as much benefit as I did from this exercise. Essentially it is a relaxing series of breaths that you can use any time of the day and anywhere you are. Its quite simple: Make a pause, place one hand on your heart and the other on your belly, and  take seven deep  breathes through the nose. When finished, take a new row of 7 deep breathes inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.  To close you breathe seven times only through the mouth. You will immediately feel the benefits from this. You can practice this breathes wherever you are.  It will do wonders for you.

We would love to know what has helped you calm morning sickness. Share it in the comment area so other mothers-to-be can explore your tips!