Dads and Birthing partners are important! You can all be part of this amazing pregnancy experience the whole way through.

The role of the birthing partner is to give you practical and emotional support during pregnancy and labor. It is essential to help reduce unnecessary stress and to create a feeling of “togetherness”, welcoming the new baby into life together.

Research has show that if you have on-to-one continuous support you will cope better with labour and recover faster after the baby is born. In some cases, it even reduces the length of labor.

Birthing partners can be your husband, your sister, mother, best friend, anyone that you truly and fully trust, and that have showed you continuous uplifting and positive support during your pregnancy.

Your birthing partner can give you:


Physical support

-During pregnancy, your birthing partner will be there for you to help you take long walks a few days before labor

-Remind you and even exercise with you on the ball making belly circles to help reduce tightness in your hip joints

-Will make sure your drink enough water (you are drinking for two now)

-Will massage your feet and legs when swollen

-While in labor, your birthing partner will remind you to relax and practice the techniques you learned in your pre-natal classes

-Will make sure nurses and doctors will follow your birthing plan (as long as you and your baby are safe)


Emotional support

-Your birthing partner will be there to reassure you that everything is going well

-Will remind you to trust your body and the natural process of pregnancy, labor and birth

-He/she will speak for you and communicate your needs to doctors and nurses specially during active labour

-Will rejoice in joy celebrating with you right there when the baby is born


Information and Knowledge

-Your birthing partner will help you to gather information online about your pregnancy

-Will remind you of the check ups and may have questions for the doctor that you didn’t consider before

-If during labor a special procedure is needed, your partner can ask for more information to help you decide

-Will help you find interesting books, such as “Blooming Together”


What about if my husband is not that much into “babies”?

Before even getting pregnant, I remembered I went to the bookstore and got a “My Dad and Me” book for my partner. The idea of becoming a Dad was a bit foreign to him and this was a way of slowly, without pressure, getting him involved. It is funny that the same book is still in the shelf of our six-year old son who he is so lovely-proud of.

Getting my partner involved in my check ups and daily routines with pregnancy was essential. At the beginning I thought “I can do it all” it is ok if he doesn’t come with me. Once I went to take a class on “breast feeding” I was around on my 20th week. I felt alone there with most other pregnant moms-to-be accompanied by their partners.

Having him brought to me support, confidence, strength and a feeling of “we are doing this together” that doesn’t compare to anything. It connected us to a deeply level as partners, in a more forgiving and loving space. And that was such help during labor, we were both together 100%.


How can I get him involved? Where shall I start?

Even doing what seem like little things can be a big support and help deepen your connection as a family. So with that in mind, we’ve got some tips for how the birthing partner can be closely involved during your pregnancy. (For more tips and tools, see our book Blooming Together.)

These are the things that my husband did that really brought us all together when we were pregnant:

  • Go to the prenatal check-ups and classes
  • Massage my lower back, feet, head and neck in the last weeks before delivery
  • Talk and sing to the baby (this was fantastic!)
  • Exercise and took walks with me
  • Help with the cleaning and grocery shopping
  • Help prepare the baby’s nest


How can my birthing partner get prepared?

In Blooming Together we have a meditation specially designed for birthing partners! Click on the Play button below to listen to it!



Sometimes it’s the little day-to-day things that count the most. Every day is different and every day you can be there with each other, Blooming Together.