I’m a workaholic. I can spend hours sitting down, reading, writing, editing and communicating with my computer. When I was pregnant I started to have lower back pain because of the constant sitting position I was permanently in.  The weight of my daughter Lucía in my belly was heavy, but the real cause of my suffering was simply that I was not moving enough during the day. Because of the back problems I changed my desk chair a couple of times, and the mattress and pillows, but nothing made a difference. My back pain was there even after exercising for hours.

Now I realise that it was quite normal…Recent research reveals the impact that constant sitting has on our body. All kinds of diseases are provoked by our sedentary modern habits. The tricky part is that scientists sustain that no matter how many hours you spend at the gym after work, it can never counterbalance the consequences of sitting all day.

During pregnancy you can take a couple of actions to avoid all those back, chest and heart problems provoked by sitting too much. In this video we share with you 4 precise and easy ways to get your butt literally moving. Check them out and start using them right away. It will make a big difference at the moment of birth; when a strong pair of legs and healthy gluteus muscles are needed so much.