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Are you part of the blooming revolution?

You’ve probably already heard about it. There is a huge blooming revolution taking place right now around the world. A revolution that is awakening the natural powers women have inside, our inner mama wisdom powers. It’s a movement that compels us to consciously listen to our body and heart and decide from there. Transmuting fear into enthusiasm, creativity, inspiration and LOVE. Yes! lots of LOVE!  9 months are enough to create a life, and more than enough to ignite a revolution from within. Generous, clever, creative, intuitive, mothers to be are in it! But also doulas, obstetricians and gynaecologists, midwives, […]

Mother’s Day…Celebrating the shiny and the messy!

Mother’s day is coming up and Rakel and I would like to inspire you to do something new and different: To dedicate a few minutes of your busy schedule to think about your mom with honesty and courage. Mother’s day can be celebrated with flowers, presents, thank you cards, etc. But you don’t need us to tell you that. You know how it goes. So we want to share something different today. We want to give you the support and tools for you to dig inside yourself and give your mother the BEST gift ever, the one you always meant […]