One of the exercises I practiced the most while preparing  for the birth of my baby was face relaxation. You would be astonished on how related  the muscles of the face and those of the rest of our body are. My doula was specially insistent on this, the face can be a major thermometer on how the rest of the body is doing during birth. If you are contracting it too much, you are producing a leak of energy that you won’t have available for the moment of pushing out the baby into the world.

Here there are a few exercises to help your face relax, so you get used to acknowledging how it feels and freeing it of tension. I used them during all my pregnancy just to get used to checking on my face. At the moment of the birth, my partner reminded me a couple of times to relax my face, and it did help when things got tough. Try them! And let us know how they work for you.