We have received this video from one of our Blooming moms. It has juicy info, so alined with the work that we do that we want to share it with you today.
Science writer Annie Murphy Paul talks through new research that shows how much we learn in the womb — from the lilt of our native language to our soon-to-be-favorite foods.

To what extent the conditions we encounter before birth influence our individual characteristics? It‘s the question at the center of fetal origins, a relatively new field of research that measures how the effects of influences outside the womb during pregnancy can shape the physical, mental and even emotional well-being of the developing baby for the rest of its life.

Annie Murphy Paul calls it a gray zone between nature and nurture in her bookOrigins, a history and study of this emerging field structured around a personal narrative — Paul was pregnant with her second child at the time she wrote the book.

What she found coincides with the bases of  our pregnancy program Blooming Together: We mothers have  great impact on our baby’s development. Let us use it consciously for good! Yes, that’s what Blooming Together is all about.

Enjoy the video….and our relaxations and visualisations for pregnancy and birth


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